The property list became more expensive by 300%, cadastral services became a luxury

The cadastre adopted a new tariff for services/Photo: MIA

Some of the cadastral services have tripled in price. When buying a new apartment and registering it in the Cadastre, instead of 1,250 denars, citizens will have to pay at least 3.750 denars for a property certificate, infomira Sitel television. 

Up until now, during a change of ownership, in addition to the square footage of the apartment, a part of the common rooms, as well as a part of the land under the building, was recorded in one property sheet.

Now, it will be necessary to pay for each property list separately, which means that the 3 lists will cost the citizens 3,750 denars, plus 600 denars for notary services. If they also buy a garage, they will have to pay for another title deed, i.e. an additional 1.250 denars.

The Agency for Cadastre published the new Tariff, with which the prices of surveyors also increased. The Government gave consent to the price increases on January 30, and the Tariff entered into force on February 15.

The head of Cadastre did not respond to our calls to explain what caused the enormous price increase, but he told MIA that the increase was due to increased real costs (for electricity, fuel, software licenses, equipment maintenance, salary increases and Fig.), which were the basis for calculating the compensation, and refer to the execution of geodetic works.

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