"We have a lot of coronation deaths because of the methodology," said Minister Sally

Photo: Free Press / Risto Pejovski

The Minister of Health Bekim Sally said today that the high number of deaths from covid-19 in the country is due to the methodology and different approach to registration of deaths than that used by other countries.

- We may be from the countries that have a higher number of deaths, but it does not mean that we are a health system that did not take care of those people. There are other results in the surrounding countries that are much smaller, but there the methodology for registering the dead is different from the very beginning. It should not confuse us why we have 8000, and in other countries 2-3000 deaths. From the very beginning, our institutions wanted to be transparent about the consequences of Covid-19. "It complicates itself and can be fatal," Sally said when asked about the higher death toll from Covid-19 compared to other countries.

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