She had sex every day of the year: Here's why it was the best decision I ever made

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When you are in long relationship, sex it can disappear very easily. This is what happens when you commit to sex every day throughout the year.

Anyone who's been in a long-term relationship knows that when it comes to sex, sometimes those regular sessions in the bedroom can take a backseat to responsibilities, work, and kids.

But the author of the blog, Brittany Gibbons she set a time to have sex with her husband every night of the year, 365 days. She says it didn't save her from divorce, but it boosted her confidence. Brittany explains that after her third child, she didn't like herself naked.

Brittany Gibbons – Photo: Instagram/ thebrittanygibbons

"I kept the lights off during sex, covered my stomach and breasts, and waited for my husband to come out of the bedroom before going to the closet to get dressed after I showered," she wrote.

She soon began to worry that her husband no longer knew what she looked like naked. After talking to a friend, she decided to have sex every day for a year as a way to force herself to "face her body," and her husband was a willing candidate.

So they had sex every day – except when travel and the flu got in the way. Brittany explained that at first it wasn't easy at all - some days she was too tired and didn't want anyone to touch her, "but as the months went by, I started to look forward to it," she explained.

Soon she said that the love affair with intimacy began to be felt outside the bedroom as well.

"We were more romantic with each other, we touched hands when we parted, we kissed longer before work, not just a kiss on the mouth. "Our relationship was stronger and better when our intimacy blossomed."

But what surprised her the most was how she began to feel about herself. By the end of the year she was happy walking around naked – no longer running from the shower to the bedroom.

"Having regular sex with my husband doesn't make my marriage divorce-proof or immune to infidelity or anger, but it helps me feel good enough in my own skin to survive it if it happens," she said.

"There are several couples, therapists and books that advocate having sex every day for a year as a way to improve your marriage or relationship," says Dr. Gabi, relationship expert for Bodyandsoul.

"For many couples who have cooled off a bit, this can be helpful in reconnecting, restoring intimacy, re-prioritizing time together as a couple. It can also improve self-esteem, increase your sense of security and increase your desire to be part of the 'team' that is in life together,' adds Dr Gabi.

Dr Gabby notes that it may not be practical for everyone to have sex every day – but she suggests trying it for at least a month and seeing what the benefits are.
It is important to understand that sex does not always have to be penetration; it could be a teen-style kissing session in the kitchen or simply an act of showing how much you care.

As for Andy and Britney, three years later they still have sex every night.

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