Are there or are there no insects in the canteen in the "Nikola Karev" dormitory in Ohrid? AHV is waiting for details to act

Students from the "Nikola Karev" dormitory in Ohrid find bugs in the food in the student canteen for the third week in a row. Some of the students reported the case to the Food and Veterinary Agency (AHV) and the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate (SSI). They say that they are not satisfied with the hygiene in the home.

To the news agency "Meta" photos of insects in restaurant food were sent. The director of the home confirmed that he saw the photos, but he is not sure of their reliability, and the AHV said that they received a request for an inspection, but it was not specified what exactly was reported so that the Agency could act.

"The kitchen is open and running, and we've been finding bugs in the food for three weeks now."

"There was an insect in my portion and I reported it, but the director told us that the problem was with us, that we carry the insects through our clothes. There were also worms in the bread and we reported it, but they did not take any action. The kitchen staff told us that they found cockroaches, that they cleaned and that they put some kind of glue that was poisonous." some of the students who reported the case to Meta testify.

"I can say that anyone can take a photo, today with advanced technology everything is possible. They also came to me with such a photo, I cannot confirm that it is true, but at the same moment I responded to the Center for Public Health, they came from their side, we carried out disinfection, disinsection and deratization in the kitchen of the restaurant. Since that moment, there have been no complaints so far," claims director Kucinoski.

According to him, students in the dormitory were prohibited from taking food from the canteen to their rooms, alluding that the insects in the food may have entered from somewhere other than the kitchen.

"I can't say for sure that it is credible. It (the insect) can be placed, if it fell from above, it does not mean that it came from the kitchen. When a student takes the food upstairs, I can't guarantee that something like that can't happen. I gave a strict order to my colleagues - the biggest problem is that the students take their meals to their rooms, I forbade them to do so, food from the restaurant is not allowed to be taken into the room, and they did the same all the time, every day", says the director of the Ohrid student center home.

The Agency confirms that they received a complaint regarding the "Nikola Karev" student dormitory with a request to carry out an inspection control, but the petitioner did not specify what the allegations were so that the Agency could act.

"On 23.03.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX, a petition was sent to the Food and Veterinary Agency (AFV) by a natural person without defined allegations, with the initiative to conduct an inspection control. Because of this, the Department for Consumer Protection at the AHV asked the petitioner to specify the allegations and indicate who is the entity for which the implementation of inspection control is initiated. Until this moment, the AHV has not received any supplement to the complaint so that the Agency can act in accordance with the legal competences", the Food and Veterinary Agency told

In addition to housing students studying at state universities, this House also functions as a tourist operator that accommodates foreign students who pay economic prices for their stay.

SOURCE: "Meta" news agency

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