Elon Musk is conquering extraterrestrial advertising space

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Rockets, satellites and space billionaires will be joined by advertisements.

Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), a Canadian startup providing technology services exclusively for Insider said it would allow space advertising with the help of Space-X.


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Samuel Reed, CEO and co-founder of GEC, said the company was in the process of building a satellite called CubeSat. "One side of the satellite will have a pixel screen displaying ads, logos and art."said Reed.

The company plans to attach the CubeSat to the Space-X Falcon 9 rocket, which will take it into orbit and launch it before the rocket reaches the moon.

"Once in orbit, a selfie stick attached to the CubeSat page will capture the screen. "This video will be streamed live on YouTube or Twitch so that anyone can turn on and watch the satellite screen," Reed said.

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