"Ili-Ili" published the book "People, not the city" by Snezhana Mladenovska Angjelkov

The publishing house "Ili-Ili" published the new book "People, not the city" by Snezhana Mladenovska Angjelkov. It is the third prose book of the author, who previously published "Eleven Women" (winner of "Utrinski Vesnik" Novel of the Year in 2011) and "Shut up with an open mouth" (2019).

- "People, not the city" is a layered, hybrid work, a well-thought-out combination of real life stories shaped through a literary-narrative vision, which move through the chronotope of the city of Skopje over several decades. With that, the readers are given a functional lens through which they follow the transformations of the urban space, as well as the way of life, the mentality, the habits, the views of the Skopje residents from different neighborhoods of the city. In fact, the book is a kind of "museum of memories", as it says in the text itself, of Skopje neighborhoods that existed and no longer exist, that existed and still exist, that existed under some names, and then integrated with others settlements and the names remained only in the memories of their inhabitants - wrote reviewer Kalina Maleska.

Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser also wrote a review of the book, who noted that it is a "...memoir of urbanophilia, a polyphonic chronicle, an archive of nostalgia, documentary prose, Skopje testimonies, prose sketches of Skopje, a collage of memories... all these benchmarks indicate that that out of the many documentary templates, something legitimately recognized as postmodern prose has been combined."

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" No. 156, in the print edition of the newspaper "Free Press" on November 26-27, 2022)

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