The future has arrived: A virtual yacht sold for 650 thousand dollars

Sandbox Virtual Yacht
The virtual yacht that sold at Sandbox for 650 thousand dollars / Photo Twitter

Sandbox, a virtual world built into Etherium where consumers can sell, buy and trade digital goods and merchandise, build their own games and monetize their experiences, record an unprecedented transaction, the portal said

Namely, a virtual megayacht called "Metaflower Super Mega Yacht" was sold in "Sandbox" for an incredible 650.000 dollars. The luxury ship, which is part of the "Metaversum", has, among other things, two heliports, a whirlpool tub and a DJ booth. With the aforementioned acquisition, Metaflower has become the most expensive Indispensable Token (NFT) ever sold on Sandbox.

Metavers or metaversum is actually a futuristic, three-dimensional internet, a shared virtual space of a certain community created by applying augmented reality.

According to the photos that appeared on social networks, the sold virtual yacht is white and has three floors, and the payment was made in cryptocurrencies in the amount of 149 ether tokens. The mega-dish was released by Republic Realm, the developer of Metavers. The ship is specially designed as part of the luxury NFT series made just for Sandbox. The same series includes private islands, speedboats, jet skis and other products.

Gadgets.ndtv recalls that earlier in November, land in Decentraland, a three-dimensional virtual reality universe built on Etheruim, was sold for $ 2,43 million. Users there can purchase pieces of land and property for their virtual avatars to tailor their experience of being in an alternative reality.

Recently, in the virtual world of Axie Infinity games, a part of the digital country was bought for 2,3 million dollars.

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