And the Supreme Court remains with only five judges

All five candidates for the criminal department of the Supreme Court received the support of only four votes, and they needed at least eight to pass the legal filter, which will complicate the work of this institution.

Not only the Constitutional Court, but also the Supreme Court will hardly be able to be effective in the future, after yesterday none of the five candidates for supreme judges in the criminal department was selected by the Judicial Council. From the civil district, five candidates were also registered as judges of the Supreme Court, but the Judicial Council chose only two female judges who met the requirements of the law, that is, they received at least eight votes "for" from the judges with the right to vote.

Court of Appeal judge Enver Bejeti is one of the rejected candidates for the criminal division of the Supreme Court. Bejeti became known to the general public as a judge informant, who, according to the analyzes of the Judicial Council, hid the "Fortress-Target" case in a drawer for months, in which Sasho Mijalkov, Nikola Gruevski and other former employees of UBK are accused of the crime of mass violation of human rights. rights with illegal wiretapping. Despite the discovery of the prolongation of the court procedure and the announced procedure by the Judicial Council to determine possible responsibility for the omissions, Bejeti again received four votes, twice less than the required number. It is a curiosity that on four of the five statements about the candidacy, everyone voted the same, regardless of the biographies of the candidates.

The Supreme Court in the criminal department still remains only with judges Dzemali Saiti, Afrim Fidani, Safet Kadrii, Mirjana Lazarova-Trajkovska and Cvetanka Peric. Apart from Bejeti, the first-ranked judge with the most points, Judge Zoran Dimitrievski from the Skopje Court of Appeal (received 4 votes "for" and 8 "against"), Danka Ristova (6 "for", 6 "against") and Tatjana Dukovska were not elected. (4 "for", 8 "against") and Enver Amzai (4 votes "for", 8 "against").

Two judges were elected for the civil division of the Supreme Court - the first-ranked Anita Boškovska from the Skopje Court of Appeal, who received 10 votes "for" against two votes "against" and Katerina Georgievska, also from the Court of Appeal Skopje, who was second-ranked by points, but with same ratio of votes. There was no voting for Elizabeta Dukovska, Roza Georgieva and again Enver Bejeti, because the selection was completed with the two first-ranked judges.

According to the publicly announced verdicts, Boškovska has so far tried appeal disputes related to compensation for damage and debts, and Georgievska has tried similar disputes, but also cases for determining liability for defamation. She also judged the case in which the plaintiff was Zoran Zaev, where she rejected the defendant's appeal and upheld the verdict in favor of the ex-prime minister. Judge Katerina Georgievska is also the wife of prosecutor Vlatko Georgievski from the Republic Public Prosecutor's Office.

Daut Rustemi, a judge from the Basic Court of Gostivar, was elected as a judge in the Gostivar Court of Appeals in the criminal department. Judge Aleksandar Milosevski from the Skopje Criminal Court also received the necessary votes for appeal judge in Gostivar, criminal department. The previous president Hassan Asani was the only candidate for the president of the Tetovo Basic Court and he was re-elected.

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