And a terrace can turn into a flower fairy tale: My little terrace is my flower garden!

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Today we are talking about a floral topic with Mrs. Mirjana Popgeorgieva, an economist by profession, a pensioner.

Mirjana is a happy, cheerful and communicative woman who loves people, flowers and positive thoughts. So is her terrace, cheerful.

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Mirjana's terrace of only 5 square meters is an example that with love any space, even if smaller, can be turned into a fairy tale. She agrees that the advantage of more space is that more flowers can be planted, but says her yard is on her terrace.

He has been growing and caring for flowers for almost 20 years, but he does it for personal pleasure, not for business.

- I dedicate about an hour and a half to the flowers daily. Sometimes my husband helps me take care of the flowers, Mirjana reveals.

Mirjana agrees that you should talk to the flowers, but also admire them!

-I used to have a lot of salon flowers and I talked to them every morning…

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