And the omicron began to mutate

Omicron / Photo: Profimedia

A new subvariant of the omicron strain called "BA. 2 "is registered in Austria, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain и in Denmark, where he replaced the “BA. 1 ", Western media report

Except that ce assumes that the strain will be more permeable in those who already have immunity to coronary artery disease or ce vaccinated, no ce knows a lot about the new mutation.

According to Ulrich Elling, a geneticist from Austria, those who already ce infected with omicron should not ce infect with “BA. 2 ", although a" double strike "is possible. The strain ce spread to Northern Europe, but was confirmed by wastewater analysis и in Austria. "BA. 2 “ ce differs from the omicron in 18 mutations in the spiky protein.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the omicron strain has three main subsets, "BA. 1 "," BA. 2 “ и "BA. 3 “. As of December 23, the WHO announced that over 99 percent of the cases they had sequenced were from the "BA" mutation. 1 “. Yesterday, Denmark announced that with "BA. 2 “ ce infected almost half of the cases in the country.

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