Both the citizens and the surveyors are outraged by the more expensive cadastral services: We take out credit, we get into debt, and the new title deeds were our change!

Real Estate Cadastre Agency / Photo: Sloboden pechat - Dragan Mitreski

According to Ribaroski, the prices in the new Tariff for Geodetic Works, which came into force on February 15, are absolutely realistic, but all this could be done in stages so as not to cause huge costs for construction companies and citizens

The Chamber of Trade Companies for Geodetic Works reacts against the Cadastre Agency, which after 10 years finally issued a new Tariff for their services, behind which they are now masking the enormous price increases of cadastral services, which have nothing to do with surveyors. The cadastre, according to Nikola Ribaroski, president of KGR, justified such price increases with the increased costs of electricity, software licenses, and increased salaries for employees, but the fact that these costs do not bother any other institution is surprising.

According to Ribaroski, the prices in the new Tariff for Geodetic Works that entered into force on February 15 are absolutely realistic and are calculated based on the costs that each geodetic company has within a month, but all this could be done in stages so as not to caused huge costs for construction companies and citizens. This is not a 300 percent increase in prices as reported in some articles, Rybaroski explained, but as he calculated, it is a maximum 90 percent increase in prices.

- Depending on which service we are talking about, it is a price increase of 50, 70, up to a maximum of 90 percent, so there is no price increase of 300 percent anywhere. The prices that are now predicted are much more realistic than before. Before we had prices that were absolutely illogical based on all costs, companies had no profitability. But we have been looking for them since 2014, and if it had been in stages, it would not have caused such complaints. Moreover, the Cadastre took advantage of the situation and inserted its own drastic price increases, which have nothing to do with our services - emphasizes Ribaroski.

Although extracting a title deed is not within the competence of surveyors, Ribaroski is also amazed by the latest price increases of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, which he said are "without justification and will most directly affect those citizens who buy a new apartment."

- The property certificate two years ago cost 153 denars, they raised it to 250 denars, now the latest price increase does not apply to the property certificate, but applies to the first entry in the property certificate (new apartment), for which now the citizens will pay 1.250 denars separately - he clarified Fishing.

Put simply, for the registration of a newly purchased apartment in the Cadastre for a property certificate, instead of 1.250 denars, citizens will have to pay at least 3.750 denars, because when changing ownership, they will have to pay for each property certificate separately, and that will cost citizens 3.750 denars. plus MKD 600 for notary services. If they also buy a garage, they will have to pay for another title deed, i.e. an additional 1.250 denars.

- It is strange that we, as a chamber, provide explanations for the tariff lists that the Agency carries, and they confused both the professional public and the citizens with their brief announcements.

Double licenses for surveyors - a problem in the announcement of tenders?

According to the new rulebook, the Cadastre will issue and revoke licenses for private surveying companies, which according to Ribaroski is a direct unconstitutional and illegal intrusion into the powers of the Chamber of Surveyors, because now for the same job you will have the same license issued by two different institutions!

– This represents a problem in the future for future participation in the tenders announced by the municipalities. It will introduce confusion when choosing the company, because some companies will have one license, other companies another license, and some will have licenses from both the Cadastre and our Chamber. We have information that some of our colleagues are already taking out licenses from the Cadastre, but that means establishing a new company, new documents and additional costs for colleagues, but I don't blame them, they have to work - Ribaroski pointed out another problem.

By the way, the director of the Cadastre Agency took away the powers of KGR, less than six months after they already paid court costs for the same move they made in 2021!

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