Husseini: I wonder, the license plate of the Besa Trans bus does not exist

Rufat Husseini guest appearance on TV21 / December 1, 2021 / photo: TV21 / printscreen

The director of the State Transport Inspectorate, Rufat Husseini, in an interview with TV21 tonight, answering the question whether the Besa Trans bus that killed 45 people in Bulgaria was registered, said that the bus license plate does not exist in the records of the transport authorities.

I received 58 reports from the Ministry of Interior from Deve Bair and all vehicle license plates were registered. I also have this license plate. But that is not the bus. The license plate of this bus does not exist, Husseini said.

He reiterated that he was not responsible for the fact that the bus crossed the border 130 times and was not registered anywhere.

- I'm wondering too. I did not receive any notification from the Customs Administration that an X Company bus had crossed the border without a license, although it had a legal obligation to notify me and not to allow the bus to cross the border. "One thing is clear - if there is no statement, he must not cross the border," Husseini told the Click Plus show.

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