Pendarovski "passes" to Kovacevski as a presidential candidate for a second term

Kovachevski/Photo: RSM Government

SDSM will choose its presidential candidate for the elections scheduled for April 24, 2024 through a defined procedure, the most democratic. The current president of the state, Stevo Pendarovski, if we analyze his work in the past five years, absolutely fits into the profile. He was supported by a coalition that also included Albanian parties, noted Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, but did not reveal specific names for the SDSM candidate for the next presidential elections.

"A presidential candidate who advocates European integration of the country, who advocates a foreign policy that is fully aligned with NATO and the EU, who respects the country's international agreements, who respects the Negotiating Framework with the EU, who respects all citizens regardless of their, above all, ethnic and any other affiliation and a presidential candidate who has a vision for North Macedonia as a full member of the EU - with economic growth, with supreme rule of democracy and law and social security. That is the winning candidate and that is the profile of the presidential candidate that SDSM will offer and that will have to, naturally, share the values ​​of our coalition partners", says Prime Minister Kovacevski in an interview for "360 degrees" on MRT 1.

Regarding the question of whether Pendarovski fulfills the conditions he lists, Kovacevski says that Pendarovski's work so far is just such an example.

"Stevo Pendarovski, if we analyze his work in the past five years, he absolutely fulfills these values ​​and that's why he was nominated then. Because President Pendarovski was nominated as a consensual candidate. Let's not forget that he was openly supported by a coalition that included parties of Albanians - stressed the Prime Minister.

He added that the call from his party for a consensual president is not only for DUI and Alliance for Albanians, but for all parties that share the values ​​that SDSM stands for and said that he will run in the elections and that in electoral unit one.

Kovacevski responded positively to the question of whether he would accept a pre-election televised confrontation with the leader of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, and pointed out that it is quite normal to have pre-election confrontations with him.

"In the presidential elections on April 24, the winner will be the presidential candidate proposed by SDSM and the coalition that stands for the European integration of North Macedonia. In the parliamentary elections on May 8, in the second round of presidential elections, the winner will be the president proposed by SDSM and the coalition led by SDSM, and I will again be a mandate holder. And that will be the President of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Government with which the Republic of North Macedonia will become a full member of the EU", Kovacevski said.

He says that the subject of analysis is whether SDSM will go to the upcoming parliamentary elections independently with its traditional partners or in a coalition with DUI and Alliance for Albanians.

However, good analyzes should be done in terms of empirical studies of what this would mean. Second, in terms of the alignment of programs, the alignment of values ​​and thirdly, in terms of the alignment of the personnel offer that would go in such a situation. So, at this moment it is very difficult to give an exact, precise answer about which option would be realistic. However, I do not reject the options, but they must be analyzed," Kovacevski said.

He says that they have not yet discussed a technical prime minister with DUI, but they will respect all legal procedures.

"The law is very clear, 100 days before the elections, the prime minister submits his resignation in order to elect a technical government." I will respect the law, I announced that at the leadership meeting. Of course, a request will be made to the largest opposition party to determine the positions, and of course SDSM for the rest of the seats in accordance with the law on the Government," Kovacevski said.

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