Kalajjiev: With Turkey, we have a more layered extradition procedure, it is not as fast as the public hopes

After the fugitive Ljupco Palevski Palco was arrested in the Turkish city of Balikesir late last night, the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Justice quickly prepared the requests for extradition together with the request that Palco remain in extradition custody until the completion of the procedure. However, it is uncertain for what period of time Palco could be brought into the country, considering that Macedonia and Turkey, in addition to the legal formal elements, there are also political repercussions that can prolong the procedure.


Also, according to Professor Kalajjiev, if Palco had been arrested in a member of the European family, he would have been brought to the country in a short period of time because the member countries have mutual trust.

"With Turkey, we have a multi-layered procedure that is not as fast as the public hopes," Kalajjiev says for Kanal 5.

As Kalajjiev explains, once the request is formally sent, the suspect's custody is also requested. The deadline is 18 days, in more complicated cases it can last up to 40 days.

We have international bilateral agreements with Turkey, we have a European convention, we have domestic laws that cover gaps for the part of the procedure here and there, says Kalajjiev.


According to the professor's explanation, their procedure requires a local court to first decide on the arrest itself. Then the extradition to Macedonia is decided by a high Criminal Court, the so-called serious court or court for serious crimes.

If the court lets him go, politically he can no longer be extradited, so there is a double filter, and if the court approves extradition, he has the right to appeal. And then the administrative part begins, where unlike in many countries where only the Minister of Justice decides, at the request of the Minister of Justice, a ministerial council decides, says Kalajjiev.

According to him, the deadlines are short and somewhere in about 2 to 3 months the whole procedure should be completed.

Normally, if it were a simple murder, I wouldn't expect any problems. Where there are political repercussions, you know with "Monstrum", you know, we always have such a sensitive side. There are more conditions than legal and formal, somewhat sophisticated and political ones that are difficult to measure, the political part depends on many things from that aspect, it is very important what is the tradition with the country from which the extradition is requested.

The Ministry of Justice informs that from the previous practice, our country has not had any problems with extraditions to Turkey. The Ministry requested from the Turkish authorities that Palevski be placed in extradition custody until the procedure is completed and he is brought before the Macedonian courts and justice.

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