VIDEO: A car hit a bear on the local road Tetovo - Neprosteno village

photo: Social networks, a car hit a bear

Tonight, on the local road Tetovo - Neprosteno village, a passenger motor vehicle hit a young bear that was crossing the road together with another bigger bear and two smaller bears. In the vehicle that hit the bear was a family, father, mother and three small children who received minor injuries. The bear that was hit by the vehicle was injured and moved away from the accident site.

After the information about the traffic accident was received at number 112, the Crisis Management Center informed the competent institutions. The injured young bear is located on the road, next to several houses where there is more movement of vehicles and people. Residents are warned to avoid moving around the accident site and to be careful.

"This case raises many questions about the imprecisely defined and intertwined competences of the institutions, since after the accident we considered the possibility of the injured bear being put to sleep with a narcotic, and then moved and cared for in an appropriate place, such as in the Skopje ZOO, where it would be given medical care. At the same time, several formal-legal and functional deficiencies came to the fore," says CMC director Stojanche Angelov.

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