Vanya is still missing, cameras are being checked, the police will be looking for her during the night

photo: Facebook, fourteen-year-old Vanja from Skopje has disappeared

For more than fourteen hours, there is no sign or voice of young Vanja, who has been looking for the police, the Gjorchevsky family, and concerned citizens all day. The girl's mother alerted via social networks that Vanya was missing and publicly asked for help. The police are also conducting checks, several people who had contact with Vanja have been investigated. Tonight, the Ministry of the Interior informs that intensive measures are being taken to find the fourteen-year-old girl and appeals not to spread misinformation about the case.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs informs the public that intensive measures and activities are being undertaken to find V.G. (14) after today (27.11.2023) at 08.35:14 a.m. Z.G. from Skopje reported that she suspects that her daughter V.Gj. (XNUMX) is missing. In order to solve the case and find the person immediately after receiving the report, the full capacities of SVR Skopje were involved at the highest level, a series of conversations were carried out with people close to the minor, cameras were examined, etc. The investigation continues intensively during the night. We appeal not to spread misinformation, and the Ministry of the Interior will constantly inform the public until the minor is found," the Ministry of the Interior announced tonight.

A huge number of citizens on social networks share the disturbing appeal for help from Vanya's mother. Some of them spend hours looking for the girl in the streets of Skopje.

In the morning on the way to the "Johan Heinrich Pestalozzi" school in Debar Maalo in Skopje, the teenager Vanja Gjorchevska disappeared. Her mother shared the case on social media.

"This morning at 7.20 my daughter Vanja Gjorchevska left for school and all trace of her is lost. She is wearing black pants with side pockets, a light blue sweater, a black short winter jacket, and white Nike sneakers with a brown stripe on the sole. She was last seen in Debar neighborhood on the way to Pestalozzi. If you have any information, call 075 400 816", shared the mother Zorica Gjorchevska.

The Ministry of the Interior says that the investigation continues intensively even during the night.

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