VIDEO INTERVIEW | Nikolovski: In the next 10 years, the far-right parties will play an increasing role

Dimitar Nikolovski / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Today, Europe is in a post-crisis period after the corona crisis, the crisis that occurred after the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the appearance of high inflation in many member states of the Union. In that context, in my opinion, these may be one of the main factors for the popularity and rise of the ultra-right on European soil. He pointed this out Dimitar Nikolovski, director of "Euroting" during a guest appearance on the show Free press.

– Their approach to the voters is based on the determination to offer a very simple solution to very complex social problems. Almost the majority of citizens like it, or close to that majority. At the same time, there are serious attacks on democratic processes and civil society and its previous character from Russia through hybrid threats. They increase the polarization in society and this contributes to the fact that polarization is a greater factor for the popularization of the extreme right compared to economic processes - says Nikolovski.

According to Nikolovski, European values ​​after 10 years are still a current topic from today's point of view because he believes that in a few weeks in 2024 the elections for the European Parliament will be held. With the application of this criterion, this topic becomes topical and there are numerous indications of what Europe will be like in the future, if the ultra-right wins the elections in most countries.

- In relation to the European Parliament, this political situation can be analyzed. Namely, we can see that based on the polls that have been done in individual states, in nine of them the extreme right or representatives from the Identities Democracy group or the European Conservatives will win. It is expected to happen in Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia. These political entities in other nine states would be in second place in the elections, according to the mandates won in the elections. According to the number of mandates won and the position in their countries, these political entities will have a very important and big role in the countries where they operate, which has a tendency to increase in the last three years - says Nikolovski.

More from the conversation with Nikolovski in the link below.

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