Six performers selected to compete in the National Song Contest and Eurovision 2022 representative

Eurovision 2022
Eurovision 2022

On the official Facebook profile of "Eurovision Macedonia" today the selected songs that will enter the competition in National selection for song and representative of Eurovision 2022 which will be held in Turin, Italy.

The selected 6 compositions, contemporary and original works, for which the commission considers that each of them meets the expected criteria for participation and presentation of MRT and the country of the most prestigious European music event - Eurovision Song Contest, are the following:

1. Performer: Kalina Velkovska - Kaly
Composition title: "LOVE AND LIGHT"
Author of music: Davor Jordanovski
Author of the text: Vesna Malinova
Arrangement: Nikola Vaskov - Nino, Davor Jordanovski, Petar Lukic

2. Performer: Yon Idy
Composition title: "DREAMS"
Author of music and lyrics: Yon Idy
Arrangement: Angel Kosev, Yon Idy

3. Contractor: Lara Ivanova
Composition title: "FLOWER OF SORROW"
Music author: Robert Bilbilov
Author of the text: Robin Zimbakov
Arrangement: Robert Bilbilov and Darko Dimitrov

4. Contractor: Viktor Apostolovski
Composition title: "SUPERMAN"
Author of music: Vladimir Dojcinovski
Author of the text: Vladimir Dojcinovski and Viktor Apostolovski
Arrangement: Vladimir Dojcinovski

5. Contractor: Andrea Koevska - Andrea
Composition title: "CIRCLES"
Author of music: Aleksandar Masevski
Author of the text: Aleksandar Masevski and Andrea Koevska
Arrangement: Aleksandar Masevski

6. Performer: Boris Cvetanovski - Ris Flower
Composition title: "FLYING TO BERLIN"
Author of music: Boris Cvetanovski - Ris Flower
Author of the text: Boris Cvetanovski - Ris Flower
Arrangement: Mustafa Janbazlar

According to the Rulebook, for the selected 6 compositions, MRT will produce videos with text that will be placed on an online platform for public voting.

The songs will be presented to the public on 28.01.2022 (Friday) in the show Stisni Play on MTV, starting at 22:XNUMX, when the online voting will begin.
The voting platform will be open for 7 days, ie until 04.02.2022. The winner will be obtained by online voting, as well as by the vote of the international expert jury in the ratio 50%: 50%.

Good luck!

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