The Croatian Ministry responded to Serbia's protest note: You exploit the EU and refuse to condemn Russian aggression

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After the note of protest from Serbia to Croatia due to the statements of the Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gordan Grlic Radman were also announced by the Ministry. They reject the accusations and call on Serbia to harmonize its policy with the EU.

"Minister Gordan Grlić Radman noted the fact of Serbia's non-compliance with the foreign and security policy of the European Union in relation to the Russian aggression against Ukraine", the Croatian ministry points out.

An atmosphere of hatred towards Serbs is being created in Croatia, says Dacic, who announced a note of protest to their neighbor

They once again warned Serbia that it is taking advantage of the EU, while at the same time refusing to condemn Russian aggression.

"As we have already pointed out, one cannot be a candidate for EU membership and use all the benefits of that, and unprincipledly and calculatedly avoid condemnation of Russian aggression and EU policy in relation to it," they say.

The Ministry adds that such statements from Serbia once again show a conscious and systematic denial of the facts about the nature of the events in Ukraine, that is, about the true attitude of Serbia towards it.

"The European family has its own values, which include respect for the international order. This international order has been undermined by Russian aggression against sovereign and independent Ukraine. That's why we once again call on Serbia to harmonize its policy with the common foreign and security policy of the EU as soon as possible regarding the issue of aggression against Ukraine and thus truly place itself on the right side of history", said the spokesperson of this ministry, writes

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