Croatia has the strongest retail sales growth in the entire EU

Croatia European Union EU
The flags of Croatia and the European Union / Photo: EPA-EFE / ANTONIO BAT

In April, Croatia recorded the strongest growth in retail sales in the EU, while at the level of the Eurozone and the Union sales stagnated, the report of the European Statistical Service showed on Tuesday.

Seasonally adjusted turnover in retail trade in the euro area in April was unchanged compared to March when, according to revised data, it decreased by 0,4 percent.

Of the member countries whose data was available to Eurostat, the monthly turnover in retail sales in Croatia was the highest in April, by 3,4 percent.

In March, it increased by only 0,1 percent. Luxembourg and Sweden are close to Croatia with turnover growth of 3,3 and 3,1 percent, respectively.

Traffic decreased the most in Slovakia, by 5,8 percent. Romania and Slovenia follow with a drop in turnover of 3,7 and 2,4 percent, respectively. Eurostat did not have data for the Czech Republic, Greece and Italy. Turnover at gas stations also decreased noticeably, by 1,8 percent in the Eurozone and by 2,3 percent in the EU. Among the EU countries whose data was available to Eurostat, turnover in retail sales in Hungary in April fell by 12,6 percent on an annual basis. Estonia and Slovakia follow, Hina reported.

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