Croatia has the most water per inhabitant in the EU, but annually loses almost 50 percent of it

Adriatic Sea
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According to Eurostat data, the Republic of Croatia with an average of 29.200 m3 of water per inhabitant is in first place among the EU member states, ahead of Finland and Sweden, but still, major challenges in public water supply are significant water losses, which amount to 49,8 percent. annually.

Groundwater is of particular importance, because over 90 percent of the water for human consumption is extracted from their reserves, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development said, reports Poslovni hr. On an annual level, about 478 million m3 of water is withdrawn for the needs of the public water supply for human consumption.

In the Republic of Croatia, a high level of availability of water for human consumption has been achieved, about 94 percent of the population has access to healthy water from the public water supply system, but on the other hand, 57 percent of the population has access. of public drainage systems, which is not enough and needs to be improved.

World Water Day is celebrated every year on March 22. The focus of this year's celebration is Goal 6 of the UN 2030 Agenda, which refers to ensuring access to drinking water for everyone, sustainable water management and ensuring hygienic, that is, sanitary conditions for everyone.

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