Croatia is looking for undertakers, salary over 1000 euros, only basic education is required!

Photo: EPA-EFE / Peter Komka HUNGARY OUT

Municipal utilities in Croatia are currently looking for dozens of undertakers. "Zagreb Holding" and "Komunalac Samobor" are looking for the most undertakers in tenders: six each. Only basic education is required, experience is not important.

The "City Cemetery" subsidiary of ZG Holding offers a gross salary of 1.127 euros, which increases by 0,5 percent for each year of service, plus a monthly net allowance of 177 euros. In total, it is just over 1.000 euros net per month, without seniority allowance. "Komunalec Samobor", on the other hand, offers a minimum of 840 euros gross or approximately 680 euros net per month.

They are also looking for two undertakers in "Sveta Nedelja", and they are offered a salary of 1.210 euros gross or approximately 900 euros net. That is 32 percent more than in neighboring Samobor. A competition for the post of gravedigger was also announced by Komunalec from Koprivnica. But they don't list the salary they offer.

Otherwise, the average net salary in Komunalac this year is more than 1.000 euros.

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