Croatia sends 500 thousand euros to Ukraine

Meeting Plenkovi--Zelenski / Photo EPA-EFE / VALENTYN OGIRENKO / POOL

Croatia will help Ukraine with 500.000 euros through NATO's Comprehensive Assistance Package for Ukraine, it was decided today at the government session in Zagreb, Croatian reports.Index".

"After the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the comprehensive aid package for Ukraine was increased many times. Since its founding, Croatia has never donated funds to that aid package. Although Croatia already provides significant bilateral aid to Ukraine, a donation to the Comprehensive Aid Package will strengthen its position and contribute to Croatia's additional visibility in NATO as a member that provides strong support to Ukraine through the NATO platform," said Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlic. Radman.

NATO's Comprehensive Assistance Package for Ukraine is a mechanism for practical and non-lethal assistance to Ukraine and operates through donations from NATO members and partner countries.

Croatia and the US government have agreed to support Croatia through a program for financing foreign armed forces in the amount of 140 million dollars, said Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic in the opening part of the government session.

"We are continuing our partnership with the United States." "These funds will be used for the purchase of new weapons in the context of military and defense cooperation with the United States," Plenkovic said. Croatia has already received 800 million dollars through that program, he added.

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