Hristijan Pendikov released from hospital for home treatment in Bulgaria

Milkov and Osmani at Hristijan Pendikov/Photo: Facebook

Today, Hristijan Pendikov was released from the Military Medical Academy in Sofia, they announced the hospital.

His treatment will continue at home, they added from there.

The Bulgarian media do not report where he will be accommodated Pendikov in Sofia to continue home treatment. He already provided the food for him Bulgarian businessman and philanthropist Milen Vrabevski who sent packages with lentils, oranges, milk, canned goods, coffee, olive oil, vinegar, juice, sugar.

The secretary of the Bulgarian cultural club from Ohrid "Czar Boris Treti" was beaten on January 19 of this year and the next day he was transferred to the MMA in Sofia for surgery by a Bulgarian government plane. He had injuries to his head, vertebrae and ribs, as well as a broken jaw, which was operated on at the Department of Oral Surgery at the VMA in Sofia.

After his transfer to Sofia, it was revealed that he did not have Bulgarian citizenship, but, as the Bulgarian authorities said, "Bulgarian self-awareness".

Pendikov, according to Bulgarian Minister of Interior Ivan Demejiev, will remain in Bulgaria and can apply for Bulgarian citizenship. Previously, the Bulgarian ambassador in Skopje, Angel Angelov, announced that Pendikov applied for Bulgarian citizenship at the end of December last year and submitted a certificate of no criminal record.

The person suspected of his attack has been in custody since January 23. Against a 24-year-old man from Ohrid, the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office of Ohrid passed an Order to conduct an investigative procedure on suspicion of a crime - Serious bodily injury according to Article 131 paragraph 3 in connection with Article 22 of the Criminal Code.

- On January 19, in a coffee bar in Ohrid, the suspect approached a table where a person was sitting, hit him on the head, addressed him with the words - "you are not ashamed to be called Bulgarian" and walked away. A few hours later, when the injured party left the coffee bar and was walking towards his vehicle, the suspect, together with two other unknown persons, intercepted him and attacked him, hitting him on the head and body and inflicting severe, life-threatening injuries, the Prosecutor's Office said at the time. .

The suspect also has Bulgarian citizenship, while Pendikov was caught with cocaine in Ohrid last December and there is a criminal complaint against him. With his departure for treatment in Bulgaria, this investigation is compromised.

The Sofia District Prosecutor's Office these days, he started a pre-investigation procedure for a death threat addressed to Hristijan Pendikov.

Due to the case of Pendikov, the tensions between Macedonia and Bulgaria escalated, which escalated after the Bulgarian nationalist outbursts at the commemoration of Mara Buneva in Skopje, and culminated before the commemoration of the 151st birthday of Gotse Delchev, which passed peacefully, under enhanced security measures and with only three fined Bulgarian citizens for insults addressed to the Macedonian border police of Deve Bair. Although the Bulgarian media wrote that the three Bulgarian citizens were beaten in the police station, the recordings of their release clearly testify that there was no physical attack on them. On the same day in Blagoevgrad he was stoned the Macedonian cultural club "Nikola Vaptsarov", and the organization of the Macedonians in Bulgaria OMO Ilinden – Pirin demanded an immediate reaction from the Bulgarians and finding the perpetrators of this vandal act.

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