Zodiac signs that will rise like a phoenix in April: They will experience spiritual healing under the influence of Mercury retrograde

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Astrologically speaking, this is the time of year when life "turns upside down". Mercury retrograde will affect signs until April 25 and create feelings of "confusion, procrastination and frustration", it says "sensa".

At the same time, this transit will initiate spiritual transformations. If you are in a sign or subsign of one of these three signs, Mercury retrograde will help you heal the wounds of the past.


Mercury retrograde is happening in your sign. Get ready for the biggest test – a test of patience. Mercury will bring drama to your zodiac sign. It will bring you progress on any project, plan or desire you have been working on lately. Pay attention to the signals around you and what they mean to you. Analyze whether the things that are happening to you now are intended to prevent you from going down the wrong path. Everything that is toxic needs to disappear from your life and make room for a better version of yourself. Accept the change.


Mercury retrograde stresses your ego. Healing is not an easy process, it comes as a race with many obstacles. You may distance yourself from people because you feel misunderstood. You may react strongly, until those close to you understand your point of view. It comes from your pride, but deep down you will realize that you are exaggerating. So what can you do? Instead of letting pride take over, approach the situation in a more relaxed way. Ask yourself: is it worth getting upset if someone doesn't understand you? Distance yourself, that way you will heal your soul.


Mercury retrograde comes with important news for you: you must wait and let go of the desire for control. You will experience uncertainty, especially regarding love or finances. When faced with the energy of Aries, which will prevail until April 25, you will be out of your element. The good news is that this walk will have a great ending if you let the wave carry you. What can you do? Remember that you are already beautiful. Follow the path guided by your instincts and resist the urge to be who you are not.

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