Holstein: North Macedonia towards the EU can rely on unlimited support from Germany

North Macedonia can always rely on support from Germany, says German Ambassador Anke Holstein in an interview for the Civil media platform, in which she talks about several topics, including the perspectives of EU integration. 

- North Macedonia can rely on unlimited support from Germany in this process - said Ambassador Holstein.

In doing so, Holstein stressed the need for the reform process not to remain on paper and to really correspond to European standards.

- The reform process is not an end in itself, but it is a question of extensively modernizing the country and preparing, for example, the market to be able to withstand the market of the European Union. Or the system of the rule of law, the chapter that opens first and closes last, really corresponds to European standards, that it is not on paper, but a reality. This extensive process of reforms and modernization is for the people of the country, they benefit from it - says the German ambassador.

The interview will be published in its entirety on Monday, October 3, the Day of German Unity.

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