The hits of Frank Sinatra performed by John Elijah Apelgren and the National Jazz Orchestra

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14 February is a date associated with beautiful things, the day of love, the day of wine, and this year this date will also mark a special event, the concert of the National Jazz Orchestra with, according to many, one of the best jazz vocalists in these areas, but also more widely, John Elijah Apelgren.

The concert at which some of the most famous hits will be performed Frank Sinatra, interpreted by Apelgren, will be held in the hall of the National Opera and Ballet, with beginning at 20 p.m.

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Frank Sinatra is considered "the greatest male pop singer in American history," and some would say "the greatest singer of the 20th century." His charismatic presence is characterized by a rare combination of exceptional vocals and showmanship, characteristics that have earned him three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work in film and music.

The program will feature some of Frank Sinatra's most famous hits, adapted for performance with a big band composition. Apelgren will be accompanied on stage by members of the National Jazz Orchestra.

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John Ilia Apelgren is a Macedonian jazz vocalist, named as one of the best vocalists in these areas and beyond. Often compared to Nat King Cole, Apelgren's vocals are reminiscent of the golden days of the big band era.

Apelgren has 39 years of experience on the Macedonian music scene, of which 35 years as a jazz performer who performed with the big band of MRT, the big band of ZJM, and the Macedonian Philharmonic, as well as with a number of smaller ensembles. During his musical career he has recorded more than 150 jazz standards.

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Photo: Promo
Photo: Promo

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