Hysteria among fans: Harry Potter returns to the big screen

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Although we thought the Harry Potter saga was a nice memory, the magazine "Hollywood Reporter “ announced the news that negotiations have begun for the recording of the ninth sequel to the movie hit.

This is great news for all fans of the wizard and his company, although the screenwriters are still unknown. Negotiations on the details of the cooperation between HBO Max and Warner Bros. are active.


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This development of events can be expected considering that the interest in this character from the novels and then from the movies is still high. On the other hand, expectations are high, both from future authors and from writer JK Rowling.


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The last film sequel about Harry Potter, his friends Ron and Hermione and the fight against the evil wizard Voldemort arrived in theaters way back in 2011, and the big fans still love this franchise with equal fervor.

Warner Bros. CEO Discovery's David Zaslav has caused hysteria among fans as he hinted that the major production house is preparing to approve a ninth Harry movie any moment, and the film will feature Harry as an adult wizard whose children go to Hogwarts. Apart from Zaslav, these rumors were also confirmed by Rupert Grint, who played Ron, Harry's friend, in the original eight parts of the film.

More details related to this filming announcement are expected to be released soon. Until then, let's be patient.

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