Hezbollah claims it has a new weapon it can use to hit targets deep inside Israel

Hezbollah has new weapons and intelligence capabilities that, in the event of an all-out war, could help it hit targets deep inside Israeli territory, Hassan Nasrallah, the militant organization's Lebanese leader, said last night.

"Now we have a new weapon. But I won't say what kind. When the decision is made, it will be seen on the front lines," he said in a televised address marking the commemoration of a senior official killed last week in an Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon. In October, Hezbollah used home-made drones and surface-to-air missiles against Israeli aircraft for the first time since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began.

Nasrallah said in 2021 that Hezbollah had 100.000 fighters, but now claims there are even more, without specifying the number. He also said he rejected offers from allied countries and militias in the region that could add tens of thousands of fighters to Hezbollah's ranks. A nearly 10-minute video, allegedly shot by a Hezbollah drone, shows parts of Haifa, a city not close to the border between Israel and Lebanon. The video was released yesterday. Nasrallah said Hezbollah has many more such recordings - an apparent threat that its attacks could reach locations deep inside Israel.

Israel's army chief, Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, said Israel is aware of Hezbollah's capabilities shown in the video and has solutions to those threats.

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