Heroic act of a fearless girl from Rijeka – ran into a burning apartment and broke down a door to save a small child

Photo: Nova TV / printscreen

A real drama happened yesterday in Rijeka – a 21-year-old girl was passing by a building, when she noticed that one of the apartments was on fire, and there was a four-year-old child in it. The fearless one Dorothea Orlandini she immediately ran into the apartment and managed to pull the child out through the thick smoke and save his life.

The girl, in a guest appearance on Nova TV, said that she is still not aware of what happened, but that she is proud of herself, reports "Index".

"I'm still shaken, I don't have the feeling that I saved someone's life. I am very proud of myself for reacting like that," she says.

She says that she was returning from work and happened to pass by the place.

"I left work, it was around 16:30 p.m. I happened to pass by and heard shouts: 'Mom, mom!' I thought they were children playing in the street. Something was telling me to turn around. I looked up and saw a huge plume of smoke coming out of the window. I ran into the building, regardless of the outcome. I broke down the door. Thank God, everything went great," said the heroine.

She found the boy in the apartment through the smoke, grabbed him and took him out into the air.

Dorothea says that she herself does not know where she got such strength to break the door, and the firefighters were also surprised by her move.

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