Hunter Biden is seeking a delay in the trial, which is set to begin in June

Lawyers for Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joseph Biden, will ask a judge today to delay the September start of his trial, which is scheduled to begin on June 20, on charges of evading more than $1,4 million in taxes.

Biden Jr. is scheduled to go on trial in Delaware on June 3 on charges that he lied on an application to purchase a firearm in 2018.

Hunter Biden's lawyers say they cannot adequately prepare for both trials at the same time and have asked for a delay, but also for the charges to be dismissed. A three-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the defense's motion last week.

The indictment alleges Hunter Biden failed to pay more than $1,4 million in taxes over four years while living an "extravagant lifestyle" and allegedly battling drug addiction.

In the Delaware case, prosecutors allege Biden lied about his drug use in October 2018 on a firearms purchase form. He admitted that he was addicted to crack and cocaine during that time, but his lawyers said he had not broken the law.

A long-running federal investigation into the president's son looked set to end with a plea deal last year, but that didn't happen. Under the deal, he will receive two years in prison, suspended if he pleads guilty to the tax evasion charges. He will also avoid prosecution on the weapons charge in that case.

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