Hackers stole money through Lycamobile's electronic bill payment

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Transactions are usually disputed with Visa and Mastercard card providers who have a proper procedure and users can expect to have their accounts refunded. However, those who were not damaged, and who had payments to Lycamobile, were advised to replace them with new ones, and in the meantime, they have been prevented from making online payments.

Concerned citizens reported to several banks that they noticed that money had mysteriously disappeared from their transaction accounts. Banks, as the "Free Press" learns, are also worried. And they are looking for the cause of these developments. In the meantime, some citizens were notified to come to the bank to change their card and get a new PIN.

Several of our fellow citizens contacted our editorial office, and social networks began to be filled with various unwanted incidents. Bankers assure that customers are not harmed and that their money is returned. These transactions are disputed with Visa and Mastercard card providers who have an appropriate procedure. The procedure for disputing the transactions itself can last up to 90 days, and after the procedure is completed, the client is informed about the status of the complaint. Usually money theft happens when shopping from problematic sites with low protection that gets hacked, bankers say. But it is a real surprise that Komercijalna Banka, in a statement to "Sloboden Pechat", says that there are customers with misused cards, with a "common denominator" - "Lycamobile", a serious British mobile operator, which has about 60.000 users in the country.

- After receiving complaints from customers about misused cards, in accordance with the regular procedures of Komercijalna banka, detailed checks were made and it was established that all misused cards have a common place where they were previously used, i.e. they all had previous online payments to "Likamobile" . In order to protect the assets of the customers, the Bank reduced to zero the daily limits for internet transactions on cards that previously had payments to Lycamobile. At the same time, POS or ATM limits were not affected at all, that is, customers could make payments at a POS terminal and withdraw cash at an ATM. All affected customers were directed to replace their card free of charge for security reasons, with customers unable to replace their card and needing to use it for online payments informed that they can increase their limit individually online payments through the Internet or mBanka applications, as well as by calling the Card Contact Center, which is available 24/7. We emphasize, the cards are not blocked, but internet transactions with them were temporarily disabled, of course in order to protect the customers - say Komercijalna banka.

However, users say that they also lost their cards because they were advised to replace them with new ones, and are outraged that they were advised not to pay Lycamobile electronic bills.

- It is true that I can withdraw money from the bank, but as a long-term user of a payment card and electronic banking, I consider that I am damaged. After being called for security reasons to change the card at the bank's expense, I applied on June 6, and received a notification that the card would be ready for me on June 20. I was also advised not to pay electronically to Lycamobile. But there it is only possible to top up the account electronically, which means that I would have to choose another operator, which does not suit me, because these prices suit me - says our interlocutor.

Lycamobile says that they were informed by the bank that the cards used for payment were misused.

- Technical services are checking, we have not detected any hacker attack on Lycamobile. We take great care of the security of payments - Lycamobile told "Sloboden Pechat".

On their official site it says: “As a company that offers products and services online, we understand the importance of security. For that reason, we have created a highly secure payment system to ensure you are safe when making your online payments and when you provide us with your personal data. Security and fraud protection are very important to us and are followed in all areas of our website, where applicable. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your details when they are sent from your computer to our system. "Likamobile" participates in the "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode" programs, intended for security during online shopping.

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