Hackers attacked the website of the Parliament

The parliamentary website was the target of a cyber attack today, the legislature said, adding that shortly after the attack, the website was restored. From the Office of the President Talat Xhaferi point out that their IT-experts concluded that the attacks came from foreign IP addresses, and that's why for the time being the site can only be accessed from Macedonia.

In the short announcement to the media, it is indicated that it is an attack from abroad, the so-called flood attack, that is, an attack from multiple connections, the consequence of which is the unavailability of the website.

"At the moment, access to the page from foreign addresses is disabled, but it is available for domestic users. In the meantime, the competent officials will monitor the situation and as soon as it is ascertained that it is safe, the access for the users from abroad will be enabled", the Assembly points out.

Last month, the Health Fund was also a victim of a cyber attack, which was not fully restored for almost three weeks. That attack left healthcare workers without pay, stopped the payment of maternity and other sick leave, caused huge problems with taking medication, and brought paper forms back into play.

Theft of sensitive data from government sites for which a ransom is then demanded, setting up links for the sale of clothes on the Vlada.mk site or mining cryptocurrencies on the site of the Public Procurement Bureau, are just some of the latest cyber attacks on state sites.

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