Heyredini: The State Department shut Ambassador Ageler's mouth

Photo: Macfax / printscreen

Former Minister of Finance Xhevdet Hajredini, who in recent years has appeared in public as a political analyst, in interview for "Makfax" referred to the announcements that current Macedonian officials could be on the American "black list" due to participation in corruption. Hayredini believes that "nothing will ever come of it, until the problem with the constitutional amendments is solved".

He recalled the words of the American ambassador Angela Ageler, which in its platform pledged that its first task would be the fight against corruption in the state.

"He announced that a sanctions team would come, panic struck the DUI department." But what happened and was it a coincidence that three senior officials of the State Department came one by one to relativize the situation and shut Ageler's mouth. They told her: Leave that job, who cares about corruption?", says Hayredini.

He says that "we cannot expect foreigners to solve our problems".

Hayredini assesses that politicians and officials, in order to save themselves from going to prison and being held accountable for corruption, are using the moment for constitutional amendments.

"Foreigners should say where else there are such regulations as in Macedonia," he says.

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