Hajredini asks why the US does not say which Macedonian politicians received bribes from "Magyar Telecom"

Former Minister of Finance Xhevdet Hajredini asked the American ambassador a question through social networks Angela Ageler in connection with the case with "Deutsche Telecom".

"After the Alsat TV interview, one question to the US ambassador, Mrs. Angela Ageler: Is it so difficult in the New York District Court to ask who are the politicians, high state officials of Macedonia, to whom the directors of Deutsche Telecom and Magyar Telecom they paid several million euros in bribes, for which the court condemned them?", writes Hajredini.

Last week, the Basic Criminal Court of Skopje today announced the first-instance verdict in the "Magyar Telecom" case, by which three former directors of the company's Macedonian subsidiary, Makedonski Telecom, were sentenced in absentia to eight years in prison each.

This case is part of the corruption megascandal with the parent company, "Deutsche Telecom" and its subsidiary "Magyar Telecom". It was determined that the companies paid a total of 12 million euros in bribes to politicians in Macedonia and Montenegro in the period 2000-2006, in exchange for passing regulations and laws that gave the telecommunications giant a preferential position in the markets of both countries. The company was investigated for this in the USA, where the case was resolved in 2011, with settlement with the company, which paid 95 million euros.

In Macedonia, the court process lasted for 12 years, and although there was a lot of speculation, it was never revealed which politicians were paid bribes by the convicted directors of Magyar Telecom.

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