Hadjimishev: Komercijalna banka sells us the shares in "TE-TO", we could not repay the loan due to a series of violations for which we are suing

Dimitar Hadzimishev. representative of small shareholders in Toplifikacija / Morning briefing

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, at the request of Komercijalna banka, the shares of Toolification in TE-TO should be sold. According to the announcement, at the first auction, scheduled for Wednesday, 25 ordinary shares will be offered, which represents 10 percent of the share capital of TE-TO, whose initial selling price is MKD 39.871.715 per share through the "all or nothing" model. , which means that for all shares the package is around 16,2 million euros. The same rules apply to the bidding on Thursday, with the difference that it is for two ordinary shares, or 0,80 of the company's share capital.

Dimitar Hadjimishev, the long-time head of "Toplifikacija", which is now in bankruptcy, told "Sloboden Pechat" that it was a loan that Toplifikacija took out in order to facilitate the construction of the TPP, but which they failed to repay due to, as what he says, millions of damages that have been done to them, for which court processes are being conducted.

- It was normal to use loans, covered by guarantees, during construction. The current sale refers to a part of the loans - says Hadzimishev.

The share of Toplifikacija in TE-TO is 10,9, which means that Komercijalna banka is selling almost all of their share.

- Our share in TE-TO is 17 million euros, and the debt to Komercijalna banka, for which it is selling the shares, is about 7 million euros with calculated normal interest. From this execution, half of the amount from Komercijalna banka should be taken by Komercijalna banaka, and we should also have a lot of money left over. We have plans in which we will further invest - says Hadzimishev.

He says that in the coming period, Toplifikacija will continue the court processes that are counted in millions of euros, and as one of the biggest he mentions the process against members of the Energy Regulatory Commission for a decision in 2009 which, according to Hadjimishev, is "a 17 million euro case". .

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