Hadji Janev on Djambaski's provocations: Individuals who have no connection with the state of Bulgaria must not go unpunished

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We can follow the NATO logic of preventing such provocations coming from individuals from Bulgaria like those of Angel Djambaski, and this is a deterrence in which we as a country will show reasonable restraint in relation to a potential escalation of conflict.

I think that for now it is being done diplomatically well. But at the same time, we will have to show our teeth and call the other side and point out to them that we have a red line that must not and cannot be crossed - said the professor Methods Hadzi Janev during a guest appearance in the show "Morning Press".

- If someone had threatened Erdoğan with an assassination like that of President Stevo Pendarovski, Djambaski would have been arrested immediately. Ultimately, we as a country can file an international warrant because he is threatening to assassinate our president. If that were to happen, that person would have to explain to the institutions what he thought and how he thought when he made that statement. This is how we would present ourselves as a serious country and respond to our red lines, which I repeat must be maintained. However, in the interest of interstate relations, I believe that diplomacy should overcome these provocations and our side should make it clear that not everyone can say what they want and provoke - says Professor Hadji Janev.

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