Gurbindo is definitely leaving: I did not find the project promised to me in the negotiations in Vardar

Gurbindo's next club will be Dinamo Bucharest / Struga / photo: RL Vardar 1961

The Spanish national team player Eduardo Gurbindo arrived in Vardar this summer 1961 as a big reinforcement, but he is already leaving after playing several control matches.

The uncertainty that hung over the "red and blacks" this summer, ie the request of EHF to the Macedonian club to pay a deposit in the amount of one million euros, disrupted the plans of both the management of Vardar and the Spanish handball player.

Gurbindo revealed to the Spanish media that what was promised to him during the negotiations did not materialize and therefore asked for the termination of the contract, which he eventually received and soon moved to Dinamo Bucharest.

- When we negotiated for my arrival, they told me some things about Vardar, they presented me with a serious project. But when I came to Skopje, what I saw was completely different from what was announced to me. - The transfer to Dinamo Bucharest has been agreed and only some documents are waiting for it to be made official - Gurbindo told Spanish media.

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