GTC had a loss of over 600.000 euros last year, the director explains that they were actually in trouble

The city shopping center (GTC) lost 637.000 euros last year, writes in the rationale for the company's financial results, published by the Macedonian Stock Exchange.

Last year, the shopping center collected total revenues of over 3,7 million euros, which is two percent more than in 2021. On the other hand, the total costs recorded a growth of three percent, that is, they amounted to around 4,4 million euros.

However, contrary to the explanation, where it is decisively stated that a negative financial result was achieved in 2022, the director of GTC, Gjoko Trajchevski, in statement for TV "24" explains that they were actually in profit, and the "minus" was due to depreciation.

"GTC operates with a profit, not a loss. 639.000 euros is a reflection of depreciation, which is included in the operation of the City Shopping Center. It is over 40 million (denars). If we take away the depreciation, then we are four million (around 64.000 euros, n.z.) in profit," said Trajchevski.

AD GTC manages about a third of the shops in the shopping center. It was the center of controversy last year when the police checked whether the basement had been illegally "mined" for cryptocurrencies, and despite footage of the equipment was released, MIA stated that there was no mining for bitcoins, and the management of GTC rejected all reports that anyone was mining bitcoins.

However, shop owners in GTC they asked if they had to pay the huge electricity bills. The case, with which the company was unofficially connected to Elvis и Gabriel Bajram, who is also a councilor in the City of Skopje, did not have any resolution.

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