"Wagner" group is withdrawing from Ukraine? He will reportedly move to Africa

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The leader of the mercenary Russian organization "Wagner", Eugene Prigogine, is preparing to scale back the group's operations in Ukraine. and direct them to missions in Africa, writes Bloomberg.

Earlier, he appealed to the Kremlin for the delivery of more weapons before the start of the Ukrainian spring offensive, fearing Ukraine's intentions to cut off Wagner units from the main body of Russian forces.

Prigozhin said he noticed that while his group is "busy" in Ukraine, the United States and other countries are "actively trying to divide the African pie" and impose sanctions on anyone who obstructs this process. Anatolia.

Prigogine claimed that "long-term attempts by the United States and its satellites" to establish order and ensure security in Africa "did not lead to anything", while as early as 2017-2018, when "Wagner" began to actively operate in Africa, "he managed to achieved excellent results in establishing security and order in every country in which they were present.

"Since most Africans do not trust the policies of France and the United States, and their trust rating is very low, I suggest that you should now focus exclusively on the security that 'Wagner' can provide," he pointed out.

Prigogine pointed out that if the Wagner project for a secure Africa is successful, the experience can be extended to other continents.

By the way, it was previously announced that the "Wagner" group is recruiting 30.000 fighters in Russia. For the paramilitary group, it was reported that out of 50.000 soldiers, only 10.000 remained while others were killed, wounded or missing. Many Russians who escaped the mobilization are now in Mongolia, where they are starting a new life.

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