A group of boys annoyed Marija Šerifović: "Well, I would kill myself if my son was ill-mannered like you"

Marija Serifovic
Marija Serifovic in "Stars of the Grand" / Photo: Instagram, Marija Serifovic

The Serbian singer Marija Serifovic (39) recently held a concert in Switzerland, where he faced an unpleasant situation.

Namely, a group of boys from the audience harassed her, so she tried to put them in order with a "juicy" vocabulary.

In the video, published on the TikTok platform, Sherifovic can be heard telling them: "You four are so badly behaved, it's a real hell. You are very rude. Forgive me, but I have to tell you. If you understand, and if you don't - translate for them. Ugh, I was so annoyed, I would fuck their mother. But it doesn't matter, they are young men. God forbid my son to be like that, I would kill myself immediately. I forgive you now, next time - I won't," said Sherifovic.

The video does not show how everything unfolded and whether the young people calmed down or the situation escalated.

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