Gruevski requests to address the Central Committee by video link to explain to the membership that he did not agree on constitutional amendments

To clarify for those who still do not understand and are asking, former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski addressed his Facebook profile for the third time.

1. There was no influence on MPs to vote for any point on my part, nor have I talked to any MP at all in the last year. Nor have I planned such a thing. Nor do I think that they should change the party's position regarding the issue of changing the constitution. There has been too much inconsistency on many things so far anyway.



They should also know that the key issue with Bulgaria that is coming up is history and their claim that until 1944 the Macedonians were ethnic Bulgarians, they spoke a dialect of the Bulgarian language, as opposed to the fact that the history until then is part of the Bulgarian history and that after that by force we have been "rebranded" as Macedonians. It is a big historical lie, and I was very worried that not only the people from the government but also people who were from this management of VMRO-DPMNE gave statements last year that the Bulgarians had to accept that we are Macedonians and our language is Macedonian. It is generally known that the Bulgarians, at least according to the statements of their politicians, both before and today say that we have no problem if we want to call ourselves Martians and the Macedonian language, if we accept that we were Bulgarians until August 2, 1944.

VMRO-DPMNE should not run away from this topic and should argue against it.

2. I understood that Mickovski's "crown evidence" against me was an alleged transcript from a meeting of the authorities at Pendarovski's, where they made a "tavern without an innkeeper". I don't know if the copy of that document is real, that is, that it was not forged and planted, but even if it is not, someone should tell Mickovski that if I wanted to bargain, I had several opportunities while I was in Skopje, but I refused.

That discussion is possibly motivated by the fact that the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE, especially Mickovski, has publicly said on many occasions that if he becomes prime minister he will arrest me, and that he really wants that is the fact not only that he has no contact with me anymore five years, but he speaks the worst to everyone about me, lies, insinuates, tells lies with great hatred towards me, tells people that he would have brought me to Idrizovo, expresses impatience and visible frustration that I even exist and that I am alive. Apparently he would be happiest to get hit by a tram in Budapest. Yesterday and today I did not call reputable party people, but he with the ultimatum: either you support me, or you are with Gruevski.

And I have been silent on all of that for years. And I don't believe that anyone has done him any great favors in his life, except for his parents. At least that's what he told me when I was there in his position, and when I told him that I was going to resign from the party and he pretended to wipe away tears with his glasses in one hand.

Normally in such a situation, on showing such disgust and negativity towards me, every smart politician on the other side should think of using the complexes, inhumanity and ego of the current leader and make his own pub, without an innkeeper.

3. I am addressing some members of the leadership headed by the party president.

You are very cocky and arrogant. You are also possessed by malice. I feel her towards me. What is left to some others. You have not yet come to power, but you show great strength, and there is no quality offer. SDSM was ripe for the fall in the 2020 elections. With the arrogance, underestimation of everyone, self-righteousness, thoughtlessness and malice that engulfed some of you in the immediate management, especially the first person, you gave them even more
4 years and soon you will become the leadership of the party with the longest tenure in the opposition. If you continue to engage in witch-hunting, it may happen that the long service in the opposition of the SDS will be overcome.

Politics is not just about making promises without calculation and analysis, and the opposite of what the government does, just threatening and just belittling.
Innocent people lie in prisons, they are dragged to courts, you do not lift a finger to help them, you are gloating and proud that you are not helping anyone. You are fed up with people you used to be together with until a few years ago, and you've grown tired of them. It's a shame! It's miserable!

Decisions harmful to the state pass by you every day. Take a nap. Just these 2-3 days while you are dealing with me, a bunch of harmful decisions have passed at different levels of government. You are nowhere to be found except at fairs and fairs.

Leave me alone. If you don't want to help me, at least don't lie to me.

Sooner or later my problem will be solved. Justice must prevail one way or another.

How can you not see that the party has a higher rating than SDSM, because of which the people can no longer see this incompetent, corrupt and treacherous government.

The way you started, you could easily hit a wall.

The decision to settle with me and have someone treat complexes there is not smart for you.

I did not attack anyone. For the seventh year in a row, I have disciplinedly silenced many of your stupidities, wrong decisions and inconsistencies. Now you attacked me and forced me to pay you back. I will not be silent to you, and you to trample me.

By the way, here is one thing to thank Mickovski for emphasizing today that it has now been proven that he leads the party and not me. "Aman! Thank God!" Otherwise, I could not explain many reckless decisions over the years to many who believed in that widespread untruth. They thought something strange was happening to me. They asked me what was wrong with me!

4. When someone is accused, he has the right to have his opinion heard. If tonight's session of the Central Committee talks about me and if you want to respect that democratic rule, I am at your disposal to participate live via video link. I have a lot to tell you, both about the fact that I was attacked, and if you want, about several other things that I still refrain from publicly, even though I was most brutally attacked by the current president of the party. And in a situation like this, I control myself, so as not to harm the party.

I know that there are technical opportunities in the headquarters. At least that's how I left it.

Finally, I will end with that folk proverb: "God save me from my friends." From the enemies, I can do it myself!"

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