Grubi: The government will forward the French proposal and the protocol to the Parliament today

Artan Grubi / Photo: Facebook

The Vice Prime Minister for Political System Artan Grubi announced that today it is possible for the government to forward the French proposal to the Parliament, together with the bilateral protocol with Bulgaria and other supporting documents.

Grubi confirmed that the government will not decide on the French proposal, but, as "Sloboden Pechat" reported, will only forward it to the Parliament. The assembly will decide on the French proposal and will oblige the government for the following activities in relation to the entire package.

He reiterated that the French proposal does not include the bilateral protocol with Bulgaria and that the negotiation framework does not interfere with the Macedonian identity and the linguistic, cultural and historical uniqueness of the Macedonians.

Grubi said that neither Kovacevski nor any other government minister would support and vote for a negotiation framework that would mean the assimilation and Bulgarianization of Macedonians.

The government has scheduled a closed session for today at 11 am.

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