Horrific revelation shocks Serbia: At Biljana's funeral, the body of the husband she killed and concreted 3 years ago was discovered

Biljana's funeral revealed that she killed and concreted her husband in the barn / Photo: Social media

On the day of the funeral of 38-year-old Biljana Stojanovic from a small village near Leskovac, who committed suicide on Sunday, probably by drinking poison, her husband's brother accidentally found his body concreted in the barn, Serbian portals write.

- I dug and broke the concrete and at one point I saw a skull - said for Nova TV, Ivan Stojanovic's brother, whose wife Biljana claimed that he went to work in Russia 3 years ago and that he called them regularly from there but could not come from various reasons she told them.

- He always postponed the time of Ivan's return. Sometimes due to the pandemic, and for other reasons, and no one could guess the terrible truth, that she killed him and concreted in the barn in the yard, say relatives.

Biljana, a mother of three, disappeared four days ago and was searched for her, until her body was found in the auxiliary building in the yard, in the barn.

On the day of her funeral, on Tuesday, June 28, the police received a message that Ivan should be wanted in the yard, not in Russia. Biljana's lover allegedly reported it to the police, but that information is still being checked, Serbian media report.

At the same time, Ivan's brother found the skull.

Police soon blocked the Stojanovic family's property, and the mysterious crime investigation is still ongoing.

The family of the late Biljana, without knowing what exactly happened in their home, wrote to the obituary about her funeral, as mourning beside her children, the husband Ivan, who at that moment believed that he was alive and somewhere in Russia.

To make the list of tragic events bigger, the residents of the village of Veliko Trnjane near Leskovac told the Serbian media that yesterday at the funeral of Biljana S. Her older cousin, who suffered a heart attack while buried in the cemetery, also died. Ambulance doctors could not save the life of the 70-year-old man.


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