GROM: ​​Mickoski is irresponsible, fickle, duplicitous and lies - that's why we broke up the coalition

The mayor of the municipality of Karpos, Stevcho Jakimovski arrived before the court / Photo: Free Press, Dragan Mitreski

"The reason for GROM leaving the coalition with Hristijan Mickoski is precisely his irresponsibility, duplicity, lying and fickleness. Its main flaws came to light precisely with the Bulgarian agreement and the need to change the Constitution for the entry of Bulgarians into the highest legislative act," said GROM in a statement to the public.

"Didn't Mickoski take notarized statements from the deputies that they would not vote for the entry of Bulgarians into the Constitution?" He will probably use these statements instead of toilet paper. He swore that if the deputies voted for this amendment, he would resign. This is why last year he did not vote against the Bulgarian agreement, but just left the parliament so that he could vote now. Last year's fake protests were the peak of his folly. Have the citizens now become convinced that it was a farce and that he was just pretending to walk the streets of Skopje, harassing his membership and deceiving the citizens of Macedonia for allegedly caring for the Macedonians, evaluating the Bulgarian agreement as unacceptable?", said GROM.

"Even more cynical is his vote on the contract with Bechtel and Enka." That's why he never once said that the contract was problematic, but the payment
penalties. Moreover, he claims that when they came to power, they would have built another 100 kilometers of highway with the same company. That means behind the backs of the people they vote and support the agreement and publicly sell demagogues with some kind of penalties. It is precisely for these reasons and such errant people that citizens compare politics with the oldest craft", says Jakimovski's party.

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