Grkovska: We submitted the contract with "Bechtel and Enka" to the DKSK and the Prosecutor's Office, they are checking for inconsistencies

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The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of good governance policies, Slavica Grkovska, tonight in the debate magazine "Click Plus" on TV "21"he said that "in principle, the contract with "Bechtel and Enka" should be published if there is no clause in it that could represent an obstacle".

"The agreement is essentially possible to be considered in the Parliament, that is, it has been proposed by the Government to be considered in a redacted form", says Grkovska, who adds that she is not sure if the agreement has arrived, because the process is led by the Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi.

She says that in the part that interests her, the contract has been submitted to the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Prosecutor's Office to check if there are any inconsistencies.

As for why the contract is being hidden from the public, Grkovska says that the assessment is that it is best not to put them in a situation where the company could accuse them of divulging a trade secret.

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