Greek and Pole caught in Mariovo with suspicious equipment

Mariovo / Photo: Mario Sharevski / Wikipedia

Two young people, a Greek and a Pole, were stopped by the police in Mariovo, during which the police found equipment for which they have no documentation, said the Ministry of Interior, without specifying what kind of equipment it is.

"On 27.01.2022 at 20.30 on the regional road v. Vitolishte-Prilep, area of ​​the village Dunje, police officers from the Police Station for Border Surveillance Staravina stopped a passenger vehicle" Audi A3 ", with Skopje license plates, driven by AK (38) from the Republic of Greece, in which the co-driver was LM (28) from Poland. "During the inspection, equipment was found in the vehicle for which they did not have proper documentation," the statement said.

Both were detained and after the case is fully documented, an appropriate charge will be filed.

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