A glitch in Chatjipity's system has users worried

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The system error of "Chetjipiti"allowed some users to see the titles of other users' conversations, said the first person of this application, "BBC" reports.

On social networks Reddit and Twitter, users shared images of old conversations that they wrote were not theirs. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said the company felt "terrible" but that the "significant" bug had now been fixed. However, many users remain concerned about the platform's privacy.

Millions of people have been using ChatJipity to draft messages, write songs and even code since it launched last November. Each conversation with the chatbot is saved in the user's archives, where it can be revisited later. But as early as Monday, users started seeing conversations appear in their history that they claim they didn't have with the chatbot.

A Reddit user shared a photo of their chat history, including topics such as "The Development of Chinese Socialism," as well as conversations in Mandarin. On Tuesday, the company told Bloomberg that it briefly disabled the chatbot late Monday to fix the bug. They also said that users could not access the actual conversations.

The bug has raised concerns among users who fear their private information could be published through the tool. The flaw appeared to indicate that OpenAI had access to user conversations.

The company's privacy policy states that user data, such as notifications and responses, may be used to improve the model. But that data is only used after the personally identifiable information is removed.

The bug also comes just a day after Google unveiled its Bard chatbot to a group of beta testers and journalists. Google and Microsoft are fighting for control of the growing market for artificial intelligence tools.

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