Greece will send a tanker to extinguish the fire near the Albanian town of Fier

Photo: MIA

Greece responded positively to the request for help and will send a plane to extinguish the fire near the Albanian town of Fier.

- The neighboring country will send a Canadian plane, which will intervene from the air, because the difficult terrain makes it impossible for the firefighters to work. The request was made by the Albanian Agency for Civil Protection, because the fire has not been extinguished for 6 days, despite the efforts of the firefighting or armed forces, Top Channel reported.

Defense Minister Niko Peleschi expressed his gratitude for the help from Greece, within the framework of the European Mechanism for Civil Protection.

-Greece responded to the request of the Civil Defense Agency of Albania with a Canadar aircraft for an aerial intervention in the heart of the fire in Pishe Poro, in Fier. We thank our neighbors for their help under the European Civil Protection Mechanism," Pelesi wrote in a Facebook post.

Interior Minister Taulanth Bala also reacted.

- I thank Greece, which, within the framework of the European Civil Protection Mechanism, immediately responded to the request of our Civil Protection Agency with a Canadar aircraft for aerial intervention in the fires in Pishe Poro and Darezese in Fier, said Bala.

Previously, he assessed the situation as extremely serious and emphasized that in the next hours there will be reinforcement of the firefighting equipment and stated that the intervention of the civil emergency aid of the European Union as well as specialized human forces has been requested.

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