Greek trade unionists are demanding wage increases and collective agreements

The issue of high prices, as well as the need to increase wages, were the focus of the event organized by the Athens Work Center (EKA).

As the president of EKA, Kostas Koulouris, said, the meeting arose from the need of society, employees and consumers to be informed in a valid, scientific way and without exaggerations and embellishments, about accuracy and profiteering, "which has destroyed the family income of average Greek citizens". .

Koulouris emphasized that the unions are fighting with all the means at their disposal, without selfishness and interests, in order to make a barrier to the consequences of this dark situation, To Vima reported. According to Koulouris, the Athens Labor Center has put in the center of its action demands for salary increases in the coming period, adoption of effective measures to deal with high prices, fight against profiteering and the return of collective labor agreements.

"For this reason, we have announced a 24-hour national strike on Wednesday, February 28, 2024," Koulouris said, pointing out that the actions of the Athens Workers' Center are part of a wider framework of demands by the General Confederation of Greece.

Workers (GSEE), who announced a general strike on April 17, 2024. "Until now, the government has not waged a real battle against high prices." "Our country is systematically at the top of the Eurozone in terms of inflation, while every third Greek is paid less than 800 euros," said the trade unionists.

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